Friday, January 26, 2007

A bit of good news after all that time in the wilderness!

After a long run of bad news, two relatively positive news stories about Nigeria in the international press.
The first is that Nigerians can finally fly at night due to the installation of more powerful radars. Now, hopefully they'll also fix the street lights and get robbers off the streets, then, I truly believe that Nigerians will start to fly at night in Nigeria.

The second news story is simply inspiring, because it is about someone who is using her passion to benefit others and improve our society. Read about Nigeria's "Lady Mechanics" here and maybe you'll feel a surge of hope like I did. It is wonderful to see that some people do not see a life of crime and cheating as the only way out. I am particularly impressed with how structured the whole project seems to be, with the girl's receiving Engineering classes etc.

I'm savouring these stories "well well", because who knows when next there will be anything positive about naija that will actually be carried in the international media.


Frances Uku said...

hey girl,

about a third of the way into this Nigeria International video, there's a whole segment on the Lady Mechanics Initiative and its visionary leader Sandra Aguebor.

check it out!

Marin said...

Hi Frances,
thanks for dropping by and for the link to the video. I come quite often by your blog. Its quite an interesting life you live!

Nilla said...

@ Marin
I like the second story on Nigeria's "Lady Mechanics".

@ Frances
Thanx for the video link too.

Blessed Child said...

The Lady Mechanic Initiative is an awesome idea.Some good news to end my Saturday.Thanks Marin for the story and Frances for the video link.

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