Friday, October 12, 2007

Generating sets......

I have read several articles this week, in which some governor has promised to provide groups of people with generating sets and boreholes. In one case it was the traditional rulers in Ekiti state, in another people about to be renderred homeless by the expansion of the Oba of Lagos' new palace.
How about making sure PHCN works properly, and that the water corporation does its job like it used to? Sometimes I just can't understand how Nigerians think!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


What are dreams and where do they come from? How come some dreams come to pass and some do not? Can we chose our dreams?

I have had dreams in the past which came to pass, or through which I got to know about some happening in someones life which I had no other human way of knowing. These have typically been very far in between, and quite scary for me. Now, in the space of one week, I have had two such occurrences. I did not ask for this "gift", and I do not want it. But I would like to understand it.
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