Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yahoo boys

The term “Yahoo boys” was one which I recently came across on the internet. I had vaguely wondered “why Yahoo!?”. Why not Hotmail guys or My Space guys. Now I think I know why.

I have used Yahoo! mail for years and years. When other people considered Hotmail to be the best (free) web-mail service available, I was overwhelmed by the Spam. Seeing that all my old mails were wiped out all because I did not log in once in several months, I guess I made the right choice to stick to Yahoo!.
Anyway, while exploring the new Yahoo! website, I came across Yahoo 360, which is the equivalent of Msn spaces. Yahoo 360 is supposed to be a tool for posting pictures, keeping a blog etc.
Just for fun, I decided to search for Nigerian bloggers since I am having fun on Blogger and I thought the blogs would be similar on Y!360. Big error.
Mixture of pidgin and English from supposed graduates, most of whom are seeking ladies in the USA or Canada, “sexy” pictures from girls and guys.

It seems amazing the number of people on Y!360 whose dad or mum is "Nigeria" and the other parent is "USA", and they live in Nigeria due to the death of one parent or the other. Why would one need to put so much info in a three-line profile? One guy claims to be a pastor looking for missionaries to come to Nigeria, West Africa. Like there are not enough people in Nigeria who can and are doing missionary work. Of course there are a few authentic bloggers, but they are overwhelmed by the large numbers of .....Y! boys and girls.
Most of the authentic people do not have too much information about themselves (or their relationship to God) on their pages.

One page came up which was owned by a middle aged American. According to him, he just moved back to the states after 13 ½ years working in the oil industry in Nigeria. Here’s a quote taken from his page:

"A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in... and how many want to get out! Tony Blair"

Guess which country he was referring to with this quote.


Chxta said...

What format are we not going to see?

Marin said...


I assume you are referring to my attempts at personalising my page? Or did I misunderstand you?

Chxta said...


The different methods that 'yahoo' boys use to entrap their victims are known as 'formats'.

For example it is widely known nowadays that the 'old-widow-with-lots-of-money-to-spend' is a stale format, so they are trying to come up with new formats...

Marin said...

LOL, may God help us. I need to brush up my knowledge of naija slangs. I still don’t really understand what Aristo means- I guess something like sugar daddy, but not sure.

Anonymous said...

fuck all of u who crticizes yahoo boys.the`white men suffered us.yahoo boys r here to say.go to hell if u hate that!

joe said...

Well am not gonna blame most People... If only you Guys know what Yahoo Boy means they are not thiefs they are Nigerian Bank that Keeps Money for the greedy White People... Alot of people here are fools Omg u think you not gonna go back to that Country fuck any country you are fuck you also ... Guys are going through alot of things there which you cant stand and you are there sayhing Bullshit ... I have been out of Niger for some years now and i know whats going on there Yahoo boy i love you All come up with different kinnd of format so these Animals wont talk ... If u wanna get in touch with me bastards that dnt know what yahoo boy mean james_burrus2001@yahoo.com ...

Anonymous said...

Akara To Mouth,
Akure To Minna,
April To March.

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