Thursday, January 11, 2007

4 things

A happy 2007 to everyone.

I've been tagged by April, so brace yourselves

4 Jobs I've had my life
1.English Teacher
2. Salesgirl
3.Sunday school teacher(that was a volunteer job)
4. Process Engineer

4 Jobs I wish I had
1.Air hostess
2.Web designer
3. Lawyer - I have been told times without number, that the way I can argue I would make a great lawyer
4. America's next Model

4 Muvees I could watch again and again
1. Something's gotta give
2. Amelie
3.Bend it like Beckam
4.Dirty pretty things

4 Cities I've lived in
1.Makurdi (Nigeria)
2. London(UK)
3. Lagos (Nigeria)
4. Moscow(Russia)

4 TV shows I love(d) to watch 1
1.Murder She Wrote
2.Comedy Central's The Daily Show
4. Kukli(a political satire on Russian TV)

4 Places I've travelled to 2
1.Strasbourg, France
2.Antalya, Turkey
3.Volgograd(Stalingrad), Russia
4.Canterbury, UK

4 Websites I visit daily
1.BBC news
2.New York times
3.Salon dot com
4.Blogger 3

4 Favourite dishes
1.Lamb Shakri Korma
2.Pounded Yam and Egusi soup
3. Salmon Nigiri
4. Russian blini and red caviar

4 things I won't eat
1.Cuisees de grenouilles (frogs legs)
3.Anything that is expired, even by half a second
4.Japanese food in Holland 4

4 Things I'd love to eat right now
1.Beans and Plantain
2.Lamb suya
3.Sea bass filet with potatoes
4. Fried rice like my mum makes it

4 things in my bedroom
1.Loads of books
2.A bed
3.My teddy bear

4 things I wish I had in my bedroom
1.A masseuse
2.Thierry Henri
3. A robot 5
4.More space

4 things I'm wearing right now
1. An old jumper
2.My four leaf clover earrings
3. A weave
4. Erm, a blanket

1 place I'd rather be right now
The English Lake district, and preferably, it would be late summer right now too!!!

1 fictional place I'd rather be right now
7th Heaven of delight

4 people I'd love to have dinner with
1. Nelson Mandela
2. Tai Solarin
3. Elena Hanga
4. Will Smith

4 things I'm thinking right now
1. This is interesting, I'm almost getting to know myself better
2. Who the heck am I going to tag, I bet almost everyone's done one of these
3. Thank God tomorrow is Friday
4. I really should get myself that robot, mmmmm

4 of my favourite things 6
1.My family (even if I don't remember it sometimes) 7
2. Candles, scented and otherwise
3.Teddy bears 8
4.Gosple music, like songs from Graham Kendrick, Don Moen etc

4 people I tag 9
Baba-alaye(boy, am I looking forward to reading what he'll write)

General Knowledge

1. I almost never watch TV nowadays. One more thing you know about me.
2. My middle name is world traveller
3. Okay, I admit it, " My name is Marin, and I'm a bloggerholic"
4. Ever again. Did it twice against my better judgement.
5. To fetch and bring for me.
6. When the dog bites

when the bee stings,
whenI'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favourite things
and then I don't feel so oo saad
7. Note to myself: Tell the people I love how much I care over and over again
8. I like traditional teddy bears(preferably a Steiff- I like betta things;), not those ugly stuffed toys in a million different colours. An new friend once gave me a stuffed green crocodile with yellow and light green patches. Ugh.

9. I bet at least one of these people has already done this before!


April said...

Very interesting. We have a few things in common!

1.We argue alot, except that I did the 'right' thing and became a lawyer! Lol.:->
2.Girlfriends - priceless!
3.Japanese food.
4.Scented candles.
5.and teddy bears!!!

Meanwhile, what were you doing in Russia??? and what was wrong with the Japanese food in Holland?

Marin said...

Hi april,

yes, I also thought it was interesting that you also like candles and Japanese food and Girlfriends( didn't know the bit about you being a lawyer though, interesting)

I did a part of Uni in Russia.

Japanese food in Holland.... both times, I had like 7 course meals which were not tasty and cost a fortune. And the sushi some of the worst I've ever had. I actually had food poisoning after the second occasion. It might have just been bad luck, but I'm not trying a third time!!!!!

Chxta said...

Hi Marin, happy new year. Thanks for the tagging, but Desola got there first.

Wishing you all the best 2007 has to offer.

Marin said...


Happy new year to you as well. We should be expecting distinctions from those your exams abi?

I think almost everybody has been tagged at least once by someone else. Read your 4s, interesting.

Have a great weekend.

Olawunmi said...

hey. thanks for the tag, but we ran with tis one already. better late than never though.


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