Thursday, January 25, 2007

Naija blogville

The hot topic of the moment amongst Naijas is blogs. Everywhere, you see new hot blogs springing up, links to interesting blogs you haven't managed to find on your own yet. More and more talented Nigerian writers and rediscovered old blogs are in serious competition for my time o. Even on NVS, there are several threads and articles which have sprung up in the last few days discussing blogs all sparked by an article by Vera. It seems this fever is not limited to 20 something year olds, even some mamas and big aunties are into the thing o. Thank God sey no be only me sha.

On a more serious note, I can't forget the day I discovered blogs. It was in January 2006. I don't remember what I was searching for half bored on google when I stumbled on Naijablog and was jolted wide awake. I was so fascinated that I spent the whole night reading posts from his archives(ok, yes I know I no get work). The light of my laptop kept C.K. awake in our bedroom. He kept waking up and sleepily asking "what are you reading?", "are you still reading that page?". For months I only lurked and wondered who those people were who left messages. Then one day I discovered his "blogs I read list". And I was lost.

I remember printing out Soul Sista's entries at work to read on the train home and hoping no one would catch me, because it would have been very embarassing to have been looking so serious like I was printing out a confidential document only to have been found out printing a blog entry. One weekend sef, I printed the entry out and forgot to take it on my way out. I went back on Saturday ni o. I still have some of those printouts amongst my papers.

I am grateful that I discovered blogs. I had sort of lost touch emotionally with Naija, and reading posts from home, about home, and written by people both in Nigeria and away really awakened a part of me that had been asleep for too long. Or maybe it was just my gbeborun(inquisitive) nature exhibiting itself. I discovered Obudu ranch, th mountain race and the beauty of Calabar on blogs, the picture of Alams in his gele is one that still manages to draw a few chuckles out of me everytime I conjure up the mental image.
Right now, I wonder how I manage to get anywork done. I mean it seems like new naija blogs are springing up every second o. In fact, we should ask one of those people in statistics to tell us the real number.
I mean, can you beat the gist?Dem sweet pass novels, in fact some sef, dem pass M&B and if you know how much I loved Mills and Boon in secondary school, you'll know that is high praise indeed. Some are so educational, with well researched posts, I can relate very closely to some posts, they mirror life.
I like the fact that everyone can find their own spot in Blogville. If its red light district, we get our own, SUB(Student Union Building- where the politics go down) sef e dey. Marriage counsellors, comics, mothers, students, quiet ones, vivacious ones, expats, name it, we've got it. More strength to the elbows of Naija blogville and may your strength never die.


April said...

Marin, this post made me chuckle. You discovered blogs before me - I only came across blogs in August 2006 and Naijablog was the first blog I read too. Life before blogs seems to be a distant memory now!

Marin said...
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Marin said...

I just realised after writing that post that Naijablog was actually the second blog I came across, but the first Nigerian one. The first blog was: Diary of a Mad Suburban Dad, in October 2005(I have a link to the blog on my site, its hilarious, you should check it out). I did not realise it was a blog at the time though. It was latter that I came across the word "Blog" on BBC it was I think.
I also wonder about life before blogs, just like I do about life before the internet, mobile phones, etc. Gosh, I feel so spoilt!

lala said...

check out

uknaija said...

Great at printing off Soul Sista

Blessed Child said...

Had a good chuckle reading I discovered blogs March/April 2006 and like Marin I spent nights,sometimes not sleeping till the wee hours of the morning reading what??...BLOGS!!!I thought I was going mad.But we thank God for small mercies sha.Now,I cannot do without reading blogs and discovering new ones.I've been so lazy posting stuff on mine,but now,I've got so many things to post that I don't know where to start....Na wa for blog fever o!!

As for printing stuff....I never reach that

BLOG WATCH!!!! Don't forget to give credit if you borrow anything from this blog.