Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two killed in Niger Delta attack

According to the BBC, a Nigerian and a Dutch national have been killed and several others wounded in a gun battle in the Niger Delta. Coming barely a day after several traditional rulers and other civilian were killed, this is not good at all. The situation has gotten out of hand, and the "rulers" need to know that something has to be done, and very quickly too, to prevent an all out civil war. It is not enough to promise this and that anymore. In fact, I fear any action might be too late to prevent the almost predictable end to all these occurences. In fact the situation is already worse than in many countries where fighting has been going on for decades.
Nigeria is already up there next to Iraq on the list of places no one wants to go, even to work, in spite of the fact that the salary offers are more than one can imagine. If we are realistic, we know we are on our own if things get to an official war(as opposed what is going on now, which has not been officially declared a war). No military aid(they are all occupied in the middle east, besides nobody is interested in any country south of the Sahara if its not SA ), neither will anyone rush to give financial or food aid. I shudder at the mental images.

Like I said in a previous post, the cause is a just one, but it seems like the fighters are not men of principle.

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Chxta said...

It should by now be more than obvious to anything and everything that the Niger-Delta 'struggle' is fuelled by greed. Enuff said.

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