Friday, January 12, 2007

From my diary

Friends vs. God

After Months of pain and regret,
You finally find someone who makes you really laugh aloud again
The pain flees, the loneliness is gone.
But only for a season, till you realise that:
Only God can truly heal.

Life is a paradox that never ceases to amaze me.
If only I can find a "soulmate" , I think all my troubles will be diminished;
How shortsighted that I fail to realise that
New friends sometimes bring new troubles, that:
Only God can truly heal.

I'm so excited, I'm so busy,
Theres' dozens of activities all around:
Meeting new people, doing fun things.
Was it really me who was so lonely just months ago?
Now I'm having the time of my life and fail to remember that:
Only God can truly heal.

I put my trust in men like me.
In friends who care and others who don't care so much,
And then they fail and cause me despair,
I withdraw into myself start to grieve again and
All because I fail to realise that:
Only God can truly heal.

So now I'm trying to put my life in perspective,
to remember that friends are people too,
to love myself like I never used to,
to unwind, to relax, to always remember that:
Only God can truly heal.

From my diary entry for18/08/03

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April said...

Beautiful poem Marin, and the words are also very true!

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