Thursday, January 25, 2007

Caution - sleepy girl behind the wheels

Several times in the last few days, I have had close shaves on the way to and from work. I find myself driving past crossroads only to ask myself seconds later "was it green?". Today things got to a head, driving on reserve fuel and rushing to the petrol station before I would have to push my car myself- this is not Nigeria where you'll find a fine man who'll pity you and stop on the road to assist you. If that happened here, I'd be on my own. Anyway, as I rushed down the high street, a bus came in the opposite direction. He wanted to turn right and I also wanted to turn right. Instead of him to turn immediately, he slowed down, next thing I know, I'm turning before him, I mean, I still don't believe that it was my foot on the gas pedal. The bus driver was mad, he shook his fist at me. They kukuma think that they own the road sef, these bus drivers. Anyway, I for lose my license if anything happened. I hope this driving while half-asleep phase ends soon o.

I don't understand why it is that when I am afraid on the road, instead of slowing down and driving like a snail like a normal person would do, me I press the gas pedal as far down as I can go. It amazed and aggravated my driving teacher to no end, and it still amazes me today. Maybe it is naija ogboju using style to show face.

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April said...

I've been taking unneccessary risks too; and I've noticed that my driving is worse when my feet are cold!

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