Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Picture of the day: Victorian Era Nigeria?

On a lighter note, was I the only one struck by the ridiculous outfit of the Chief Justice of the federation? Seriously though, this outfit is one relic of the colonial era that we need to chuck, and fast too. The ruffed sleeves made me laugh even more than that wig.
Okay I know that we are probably closer to the Victorian era than we think, what with the lack of basic modern infrastructure we face, etc, but the sun too hot for such attire now. If the poor man don quench because of the heat for there as Yar'adua dey repeat the oath, dem go say na someone do am.

Picture culled from Yahoo! News

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April said...


Seriously speaking though, I actually like the full regalia, wig et al. I'm a sucker for pomp, glory and tradition. But I agree, the CJ must have been perspiring seriously in his wig and robe.

Lol (again!).

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