Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Make we join hands, to make Nigeria better

The inauguration of Yar'adua has come and gone. Although I condemn the elections that brought Yar'adua to power, I am realistic enough to know that if the elections were repeated right now, the same thing would happen. I do not believe that the bad, bad PDP rigged and cheated the poor honest other parties. I think that all parties cheated, and rigged. In fact, if they did not want to cheat, someone would cheat on their behalf, because that is how things are done.

I read somewhere today that Orji Kalu must be a good govenor because he is the only governor whose party won the governorship in two states. I laughed to myself - so, being a master rigger is now an accomplishment necessary to achieve praise as a Nigerian governor. The same people now proceeded to blame his underperformance in his state on Obasanjo. If Obasanjo had left him in peace, he would have achieved something in his two terms. Make I just no comment on that statement sha.

I think more can be achieved by reforming INEC and the system, and making sure that the next time things will be done right. Even though it might seem like cowardice, I am just thinking pragmatically here. If the elections are annulled right now and the elections are conducted over, with no reforms, the same circus will result, imho.

The many sides of Yar'adua

In trying to understand what type of person our new president is, I found this article a few days ago. I have since discovered that a lot of bloggers posted it sometime in 2006, so instead of posting it all over again(its quite long), here is a link to the post on Chxta's blog.

Battle of the wives

Meanwhile, it is highly unusual for Nigeria that not much information is available about his family. I have been able to find out that he is married to one wife and they have 7 children, but it seems his wife keeps a really low profile, no picture of her has popped up, in spite of my thorough web search. It seems Mrs. Goodluck will more than enough compensate for the lack of gra gra on Hajiya Yar'adua's part! I predict that things will be interesting in that area, me I dey go get popcorn.

Me I like my country
I like the land and people
Everything e dey for Nigeria
Make we join hand, to make Nigeria better!!!!

I like am, I like am ohhhhhhhhhh



Me I like my country
I like the land and people
Everything e dey for Nigeria
Make we join hand, to make Nigeria better!!!!

I love it! I wonder who sang that song. So far, all I know about Yar'Adua as a person is good - a malam with only one wife? Wonders will never cease.

Thanks fir participating in the Nigerian Proclamation project.

Chxta said...

The last thing we need is spouses who don't realise that they were not voted into office.

That is where I respected Mrs. Fatima Abubakar, and I hope Yar'Adua's wife is the same...

Marin said...

@Solomonsydelle, it was a great idea, and I am very glad about the fact that BBC picked it up! I was also surprised to learn that he only has one wife o.Even Obj wey no be Mallam sef, his own is more than a Mallam's own.

Chxta, I was already away from Nigeria during Abubakar's time, so all I have about that time is 2nd hand info. What I do remember is how the two Maryams terrorised us on NTA news, with their various programs. Stella Obasanjo, was also very much in the public light so, like you say, its refreshing that she seems to know "her place". Not too sure about Jonathan's wife sha, but she will have to hold back as per she is only vice lady.

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