Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lago Maggiore

Here is a picture of the back view of Lago Maggiore taken from the balcony of our hotel room. This picture was taken during our summer trip. I love this picture so much, because it gives me such a sense of peace. A really beautiful landscape contains the most unimaginable colours - such colours as would make you think a painter over imaginative if you had seen it in a painting. Hundreds of shades of green and blue and grey, its amazing. I guess that is why I love impressionism, especially anything by Claude Monet.
Info: I am generally a sucker for landscape photos.
I liked the photo so much I even made it into a card. Here is a picture of the card:


The Last King Of Scotland said...

pictures of lanscape are infinitely relaxing to look at, almost as good as seeing it live. thanks for stopping by

The Last King Of Scotland said...

landscape i meant

Marin said...

Seeing it live is simply breathtaking, I must say. Thank you for stopping by.

kiki said...

But this isn't Lago Maggiore,
it seems il Lago of Valerzasca.

Marin said...

@kiki, you are right, it is il Lago Valerzasca. I labelled the wrong photo. Lol, I still think itrs preety.

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