Monday, December 31, 2007

A year of new beginnings

2007 was for me a year of new beginnings. Not in the things that were obvious and external, but where it mattered most- internally. You'd have to get into my head an see what goes on there to understand what I mean.

I had spent most of the last years walking the thin line between doing what I felt was right or pleasing people. Sometimes I failed and on such occasions, I beat myself up about it. 2005 and 2006 were years in which I felt really unhappy- basically because I had failed to please the people I care about - although many of the expectations which I failed at were, when I look back now, unreasonable demands anyway.

Anyway, I started 2007 with a trip to the UK on the 1st of January. I did very little socially - spent lots of time sleeping, hanging out with family and reflecting on my life. I returned back home, refreshed and determined that whatever happened, things were going to be diffrerent in my life in 2007. I was not going to be satisfied with the Status Quo.
I have ended this year with another trip to London. As I look over the last 12 months - which have flown by, I must say- I can say that even though I did not achieve my goal of radically changing everything- a lot has changed and I am satisfied.

I have made new friends, reconnected with old ones, been to Florence twice - it is fast overtaking London as my favourite city. I am learning Dutch and have decided to continue next year, I am learning to be less reserved with my feelings, without caring too much when people don't understand. A couple of friends have died this year - leaving me with a sense of urgency to do the best I can when I can. Its been a great year for my husband and I.

I have made some friends on blogville - some are no longer here. I have reached out to say hi and been named a stalker- which I find a bit hilarious with hindsight. All in all I am happy to have found this avenue to share my thoughts even when they are not always worth reading.......

I am glad to go into the New year continuing to change things - more determined than ever to try to do the best I can to be worthy of every extra minute that God may chose to give me.

To anyone who reads this - a blessed and prosperous 2008 to you. In the words of Steve Jobs: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish in 2008!
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