Monday, December 03, 2007

Totally random

-I was on the brink of a breakdown, due to exhaustion, both physical and mental. I needed some time out, and I feel so much better after a few weeks off from everything. Note to self: next time, don't wait till you've almost lost your mind to switch off.

-I was in Nigeria in between. For the first time, I slept through the nights, probably due to fact that I was mentally exhausted, although after the gen was switched off, I left a candle on my bedside table- I wonder that I did not burn down the house.

-I am discovering family again, friends come and go, but your family sticks by you forever( mainly 'cause they haven't got too much of a choice, lol).

-Got my hair nicely braided by "the cotonou boys" in Ikeja, decided to get braids all the way to my waist, they are really nice, and I am already saving for the next trip home to get my hair braided, and if I have a bit of time also visit friends and family, lol. If anyone needs their phone number, let me know. I now realise that all the stares I've been getting are probably due to the hair, pity, I thought I had somehow magically grown more beautiful :)

- Was able to get money with my debit card in Nigeria, and no, I wasn't ripped off- Zenith Bank takes Mastercard and hence also Maestro cards, and Standard Chartered takes Visa. Took my first picture of an ATM in Nigeria, might put it up here if I have time.

- Zenith doesn't give receipts so I was worried I'd get back to find my bank account empty. I obviously didn't.

-Went to the new local airport to see it with my own eyes.

- Lost patience with my shallow, I think, 22 year old cousin. I hope she doesn't end up with a guy who breaks her heart. She is so shallow!

-I got copies of "Everything good will come", "Yellow-Yellow", and about 6 other books including two Segun Afolabi books at NuMetro. I tried getting Kemi's Journal, even contacted Cassava republic, but my trip was too short and I left a few days before the new copies were released.

-Spoke to Jeremy of naijablog. He sounded different from what I expected. I wonder what I expected him to sound like though.

-My husband gave me a lovely Moleskin "London" Notebook yesterday. The best thing about it is that it doesn't have any dates. Anyone who reads this blog has probably realised by now how much of a moody writer I am.

- I saw a comic book with a black girl on it in a bookstore on saturday. The background sort of hinted at the fact that the setting was in Africa. Out of curiosity I bought it. Curiousity and the fact that I try to buy afrocentric books and cosmetics especially from mainstream stores, to encourage them to keep stocking them. I even bought a Bobbi Brown lipstick once- big mistake; it tasted like ink. Anyways, the comic was titled Aya 2. I loved it! Infact, I am ordering Aya 1 this weekend.

-Having internet at home in Lagos is affordable, but exorbitant if you compare the cost to the cost in the west. It was much faster than I expected too.

-I can't believe its Christmas time again. Where did 2007 disappear to?

- I hope to be here more regularly again.


Jaycee said...

lol @ buying a bobby brown lipstick...

glad u had fun....hmmm...maybe i shd get my hair braided in the same place!

Ms. emmotions said...

aaahh ! u special nija is these days? i know they make nice braids in ikeja area of lagos.

merry xmas

Chxta said...

I'll be in Naija for the Xmas. Haven't seen U in almost 2 years, and it seems a lot longer...

The only thing I'm afraid of as I'm heading home is NEPA. I've allowed myself to get used to constant power...

Marin said...

Thank you guys for your messages.

jaycee, i would recommend those men in a minute. Their "shop" is actually in Ogba, near the retail market. If you want, I can give you a mobile number for one of the men. He said they can come to one's house if one wants.

Merry Christmas in advance to you as well, Ms emmotions

Chxta, the worst thing about being home is also NEPA. Even when you have a generator, its so loud that its not worth it. Are you going to be staying in Lagos? I'd be interested in comparing notes with you over the changes I observed when you return.

Chxta said...

There is a new security clearance scheme that those of us who are non EU post graduate students with "knowledge that can be used for terrorist acts" have to undergo before being granted any further leave to remain in the UK. Means that if I travel without getting that clearance, I'll not be allowed back into the UK. The law came into effect on December 1. It takes at least 4 weeks to get cleared.

The effect of that is that my Xmas trip has to be cancelled. I am so gutted...

Marin said...

Oh gosh, what a pity....the UK system becomes more and more ridiculous by the day. I wish they'd be more worried about the home grown terrorists they have in their backyards.

Well, I hope you still manage to have a nice christmas in spite of that. I will be coming to the Uk either later this month or early January, if you are available, it would be nice to meet for a chat.

Chxta said...

I do think I'd be available. Let me know precisely when you're coming in. Your husband coming as well?

Marin said...

Yes, my husband will be coming with me, barring any last minute change in plans. I'll let you know.

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