Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Good daddies rock!

I came across the Daddy Doing Work blog via a post on the Good Men project Facebook page. Apparently, the photo below went viral.

I follow lots of mothering blogs and pages, but this is the first time I have been made aware of the also large ( it seems) community of daddy bloggers out there. It's awesome that there are men out there who are comfortable enough with their masculinity to be hands on dads. I think most men find it fulfilling, and more would find it fulfilling, once they break out of the boxes that society has pleased parenting into.

I'm glad when I see young Nigerian men stepping up to be the daddies they should be. My father was distant in some ways, but I remember him bathing us to get us ready for school in the early years and playing monopoly with us. In his sixties now, he still gets down on my kids level to play with them whenever he is around them.We definitely had a close relationship with him, perhaps closer arguably than the average Nigerian kid had with their dad ( he has gotten more traditional Yoruba as the years have gone on though, but that's a whole different story for another day).

I was facetiming with a younger male friend yesterday and while we were talking, DH was on the floor playing with my son. My friend said wistfully, I don't have any memories of my father playing with me like that. He will become a father soon, and I wish him from the depth of my heart all the best in fatherhood and that he breaks the cycle of passive fatherhood.

If you had/ have an awesome dad or if your DH/ partner is an awesome father to your kids, I would love to hear your story, so please leave a comment. Don't be shy, the cobwebs have come off this blog for good. Lol. Have a great week ahead.

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