Saturday, April 19, 2008

You can't cheat an honest man

I have gotten several e-mails in the last few weeks informing me of the fact that I had won in a lottery where the winners were selected randomly. The mails then went on to detail a list of personal information which needed to be sent before I couldreceived payment of said win. These emails could have fooled only very naïve, child-like people, or very greedy people, blinded to the very obvious by a desire to get something for nothing, or much for peanuts. How can you have won in a lottery that you didn't enter for? And the official from the lottery board has only a yahoo or hotmail email address. Hellooo???

That is why I am very irritated at the following report on the BBC website about the arrest of lottery scam suspects.

My irritation stems from the ever-present debate when the issue of scams comes up. Is it only the scammer that should be punished? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its right to cheat anyone out of his or her money, and I believe that scammers must be punished, but like Mickey says in Hustle “you can’t cheat an honest man”.

I am never taken in by freebies, it is a natural law that you never get something for nothing and anyone who wants to because of their greed, deserves whatever follows. I am sorry for the naive people who were taken in, but it seems they must have a bit of intrinsic greed.

Maybe I'm just being to hard on the poor stupid people.....



Nothing free or worthwhile is free. People need to lose this belief that 'awoof' will come their way because nobody gets anything without discipline and hardwork. I share your frustration with the popular attitude that scammers alone should pay a price. Howefver, I think that society might think that 'scam victims' (if we may just call them that for the purpose of this response) have already suffered via the loss of time, money, dignity and thus do not need to suffer anymore. But, it would be nice if some country simly came out and said, we will prosecute anyone who knowingly or unknowingly participates in a scam regardless of whether said person is the scammer or 'scammee'. Now that would be revolutionary!


How are you? I couldn't post a comment on your most recent post so came and read this one. take care!

Marin said...

Thanks Solomonsydelle, I am doing well, after a few months full of stress. I was just on your blog, roflmao at your posts on the easier blog. I really admire you for keeping at it and doing it so well with three kids and a house to look after. Respect mon LOL.

I just saw that I accidentally checked the 'don't allow comments' button on the latest post. Btw, did you see my post about Asa? I was at a concert of hers several weeks ago and it was great!!!!


oh really? Let me go check it out. I am putting up a post with another song of hers tomorrow for bloggers unite - human rights. Check it out if you can.

And, thanks for the kind words. I will confess that the thought has crossed my mind a few times to shut down my blogs...I am trying to resist the urge.

Anyway, God bless and I am off to read your Asa post. And, BTW, may i link to this post? I think it has spurred a post on the whole scam topic...

Marin said...

I will certainly check out your ASA post. I think she found a fan for life in me :)

Yes, you may certainly link to this post.

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