Monday, September 10, 2007

Some of my favourite books

Reading is my hobby. I read anything and everything, from non-fictional works, to chick lit, to crime fiction, depending on my mood. The only thing I refuse to read (or watch) is anything in the horror genre. Here are some books I love and have reread more than once(apart from Nr 9!), not in the order of preference:

1) Barchester Towers - This is the second book in the Chronicles of Barsetshire series by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882). Actually I love anything by Anthony Trollope, but this is my favourite, probably because I discovered him through this book. It is also arguably his best known work. Read more on Wikipedia.

2) Emma - I fell in love with her before it became hip to read Jane Austen, lol. Her short stories are also quite good.

3) The Mystery of the Blue train - again, this book represents my love for Agatha Christie crime fiction. I have read almost everything she wrote, and more than once!

4) The Mayor of Casterbridge - tragic story by a great writer.

5) James Herriot's "All things": I remember reading the first of this series once when I lay at home in a doped on chloroquine trying to fight Malaria, at the age of ten or so. All Creatures great and small was the first book I read. You do not have to be a veterinarian to appreciate these books. I was so excited several years ago when I found a battered copy of The Lord God made them all in a flea market in Moscow.

6) Eats, shoots and leaves : The zero tolerance approach to Punctuation -
hilarious book, and quite useful too.

7) For Matrimonial purposes: This book is about the family pressure on a twentysomething Indian woman to get married. It maybe about an Indian, but it resonated loudly with me, and was funny on top of that. I definitely recommend it - it is light reading:

8) The Number One Ladies Detective Agency. First of the slightly
naive, very touching, definitely addictive series by Alexander McCall Smith. The Audio version of the book is also very good, for a nice quiet evening. This series is currently being made to a movie in Botswana. You can read more about it here and I am really looking forward to seeing it. By the way, it was mentioned just a minute ago on CNN and you can watch Inside Africa this week to learn some more about the series.

9) The Lord of the Rings - very great read, unfortunately verry long. I have not been able to bring myself to watch the movie, since I felt it could not possibly match the book, but I have heard that the movie really does justice to the books. So maybe I'll watch the movie soon. It would definitely be a lot faster than reading it again!

10) How to be a Nigerian - this is one funny book, no matter how many times
I read it it still cracks me up. I have not been able to purchase it on Amazon (last time I checked they were out), but I hope I'll be able to get it on Albiris (I set up a notification for it) or when next I'm in Nigeria. Or maybe it'll be easier to filch my dad's copy from his study lol.

This list is in no way exhaustive. I wonder if there is anyone else who likes the same books out there.
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Anonymous said...

Excellent taste, I must say. I have read all of your selections except Trollope, which you've motivated me to check out.
If you liked "All creatures.." then you may also like "My family and other animals" . Nothing to do with animal husbandry, but replete with the images and antics of an eccentric expat family trying to adapt to new surroundings.
I like your ecletism.

Marin said...

Thanks for your comments noni. I am glad to have found at least one person who enjoys the same types of books as I do. I will look for the My family and other animals books.

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