Monday, February 05, 2007


I've been very wound up the last few months and an old acquaintance, V, with whom I met up recently after about five years of very rare contact, suggested Tibetan Yoga. I got home and did a google search and found out that apparently, the body consists of seven "chakras"(actually Tibetans say its five, so I bet some westerner has done some wuruwuru- mixing Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian therapies) - seven "principal energy centers" which correspond to the seven endocrine glands, also known as chakras. Abnormal health, stress etc is supposedly caused by the fact that these chakras are not functioning like they should.
These five relatively simple exercises(also known as five tibetan rites) will apparently , according to this website:

"balance the 7 chakras & regulate the hormonal output. They affect our digestive system, cardio vascular system, nervous system and respiratory system.These low profile yogic secrets of the Lamas will unearth all the energies and an awesome power lying dormant within you, aligning it with the cosmic energy to give you the best of both mind & body."

V claims that since she started doing these exercises daily, she has felt much better than in a long long time.

I tried the first exercise , if one can call it that, basically standing with your arms spread and spinning round and it felt good. Like it always has. Now, I didn't know a thing about Tibet when I was eight and spun round and round on that warm evening when it rained heavily and I could smell and almost taste the sand and dust saturated steam that rose as the rain hit the dry season pavements, roaring in my ears as I whirled round and round with my siblings. It felt good then and it sure feels good now.
Spinning is fine, but I am determined not to cross the thin line between therapy and exercises and ideology, which is one of the reasons I have steered wide clear activities like Yoga and meditation in the past. I think I will still do the exercises, but no way I'm "emptying my mind" or meditating. The only meditation I'll be doing is praying! Interesting the way people are into alternative therapy these days.
Another friend suggested Chinese therapy to help me relax- acupuncture, massage, etc. Mmm, it all sounds very tempting, but I'm scared to get involved in something I can't handle. I am sure though that it would relieve my stress, nothing like a bit of massage with oils to make you feel good about yourself.
Meanwhile, V claims she can't drink any alcohol because her "seer" wants to pass her powers to her. Men, I am glad I only see her once in like five years o. Like life is not hard enough, for one to be looking for extra trouble by going to seers, seriously, I found it creepy. In this day and age. Na wa.

On another note, here are is a page I came across as I surfed along the Blogville.

Black people love us - I'm not really sure how to take this website, maybe I have lost my sense of humour?!?! OK,I think they are trying to provoke people to think about their prejudices, but isn't it a bit extreme?


gledwood said...

I think Sally & Johnny (or whatever they're called)'s photo says it all, don't you? I only found you by chance. I'm at, you're welcome to pay me a visit. Mine is very different to yours though.

Re Tibetan yoga: I haven't done that, I've only dabbled in the Indian variety: you're right about the chakras. I don't really understand them but hey! They do apparently "work"/do something ...

I had a brilliant book on Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel called Magic & Mystery in Tibet. That is fantastic! If you're at all into the subject, you should read it.

Take it easy now,
With Best Wishes from

Marin said...

Hi gledwood,
Thanks for your comments. I will definitely pay a visit to your blog.

Hershel Miller said...

If you are interested in performing exercises that work the chakra system, might I suggest Kundalini Yoga. I've had a steady practice for a few years now and the results have been fantastic. Sat Nam

Nkem said...

Black people love us is a brilliant satirical website. I discovered it a few years ago and couldn't stop laughing. Gledwood's right, the pics say it all.

Naija Vixen said...

A friend of mine has lost sum mad weight with alternative therapies and i am tempted to try yoga...but i kip remembering all those stories from way bak in 9ja bout yoga havn demonic u do!great post as always.

April said...

I practice Hatha and Ashtanga yoga which are both very good for breathing, muscle tone, and balance.

You don't have to have a 'seer' or guru to practice yoga - there's nothing sinister in it - I for one, am not interested in the spiritual practice - I do yoga for exercise only. Most main stream gyms offer yoga classes. I would also recommend pilates, which is similar to yoga but without the meditative element.

Shola said...

its quite interesting to know that yoga can be done purely for exercise without any spiritual attachment, seems there is a number of misconceptions about it then.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing Iyengar yoga for nearly 18 years and I love it. I teach yoga here in Abuja. Whether doing my own practice or teaching, I feel so well, alive and strong. It is so wonderful to see students transformed by their encounter with Yoga. Of course, I hardly get Nigerians coming because they tend to associate yoga with the occult. This is a real pity. There are so many sides to Yoga you can decide which aspect of it you want to focus on: the physical aspect, meditative, breathing exercise, dietary, right action etc. In my class, I focus mostly on the physical and breathing aspect.

There is no need to be affraid of yoga or the unknown. The practice of yoga doesn't conflict with your religion contrary to what many pastors think. The best that could happen is your life will be transformed for the better. The worse that could happen is that you feel an overwhelming sense of peace.

Daddy's Girl said...

I think the Black People Love Us site is really funny and is meant to challenge recial stereotypes. I like it.

Nice blog you've got here!

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